in 1974, the top ten construction projects, the port of suao will be expanded into an international port. the 60-inch steel pipe manufactured by far eastern machinery co., ltd. supplies the construction of the su-ao harbor project. the completion of the port not only shows taiwan’s expertise, but also highlights the quality and reliability of far east machinery’s products and has a leading position in the industry. in the future, with the development of the steel business unit, we uphold the multifaceted development and breakthroughs, taking the steel as the basis for the project construction to take root firmly. we will also continue to develop new products for the future of far eastern machinery, industry to find the key to change.

the “u-shaped stiffener” developed by the far east is an important material for steel bridges. u-shaped plate in the past process is to be a short piece of steel formed separately, the final delivery to the customer still need welding, high cost and complicated process. the company break through the past production methods to coil forming. not only save costs, lower prices, better quality. c-tube is also the spirit of innovation and innovation in the far east show, in the past have never had this form of steel. the pipe making machine was originally only a self-made, production tools, in response to customer needs, but also become a commodity, and received praise in the market.

in addition, the far east is the first company in china to produce large square tubes with sizes of over 200mm. as the domestic demand for large square tube is not high, so most companies are reluctant to bet on the cost of developing the market. far east through the offline way to reduce manufacturing costs, supply the vast majority of square tube needs, get a lot of orders.

in the future, the steel division still needs to take diversified development as its goal. in addition to maintaining the achievements of the current stage, the steel division should continue to develop new products and make sustainable development.

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