the company has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of steel pipes. long-term supply of steel pipes required by the petrochemical industry, construction industry, transportation and public works, both domestically and internationally, is of high quality and affirmed by users.
and pipe equipment are their own design, manufacture and sale of domestic and foreign counterparts, widely acclaimed.

all products are manufactured under strict control. from the raw material grading, cutting, trimming, forming, high frequency welding, inside and outside the weld removal, the cycle of annealing, cooling, shaping, straightening, cutting, port trimming, during which line ultrasonic testing or eddy current test, hydrostatic test to the final test, each finished product are layers of monitoring, timely correction to ensure the highest quality products.
according to customer demand will be the first of the above manufacturing process of steel pipe, and then after galvanized, anti-rust treatment, aluminum tripolyphosphate coating or pe coated to the final product.

far east steel pipe meets the standards required by various industries or public works, including: subsea construction, oil and gas, petrochemical industry, building structure industry, air-conditioning system industry, wharf construction and pressure vessel equipment.
recognized by the american petroleum institute in 1976 as the first steel pipe manufacturing company in taiwan to authorize the use of the api logo. in april 2007, we obtained the american petroleum institute (api) api 5l psl2 certification mark for use, and psl1 and psl2 certificates to produce higher quality steel pipe.