femco engineering and construction was established in 1975, and it had participated in different kinds of national public constructions, private tender projects, and investment projects.

engineering construction has undertaken a lot of cpc and taiwan power company tenders such as petrol-chemical equipment, spherical tank, tower tank, refrigerated storage tanks, pressure vessel, piping and equipment construction of thermal power and nuclear plant, steel structure and parking facility, cold/hot oil pressure equipment, refuse incineration plant, piping construction of petrol-chemical, manufacture for bridge launching gantry, manufacture and installation of environmental protection , military defense equipment, manufacture for transportation vehicle of special purpose.

for those constructions which belong to taiwan power company, it was commenced from lonci hydro-power plant which was undertaken by femco in 1984.at that time, femco started to involve the construction of hydro-power plant, and with its 20 years experience and technique, femco had obtained the excellent reputation from taiwan power company especially in the mechanical and electrical construction of hydro-power plant. besides, femco had plentiful completion certificates and experiences in environmental protection, piping construction, waste recycling center, piping of natural gas pipe and etc.

in the mechanical and electrical of hydro-power plant, we had undergone the challenge of lonci, suaili, and jiahuai hydro-power plant to accumulate the abundant experience. and we continue to improve as well as breakthrough on our technique, in order to create our excellent traditional technique and the perseverance of conquering the difficulties. we strongly believe in that we will make splendid histories on the public construction in taiwan.


website: http://www.femco.com.tw/d500