machinery division was the earliest establishment of the department, was the earliest production of rim machines, after the evolution of time, the current machinery division to processing machinery parts and unit assembly-based, and all the parts are mainly supplied by the assembly of scientific and technological machinery use. since the establishment of machinery business by founder mr. zhuang junming, far east has always insisted on its own concept of r & d, design, production and assembly, so insisting that the far east can continuously make breakthroughs and improvements in technology. therefore, the processing technology, modular refinement is the future direction of development, and the improvement of the production process, the development of new product components and increase processing speed is the future goal of mechanical division, the future of mechanical division will also introduce more sophisticated equipment, upgrade parts processing, assembly technology and custom manufacturing process planning, the ministry of machinery will continue to move forward to develop a better quality, more accurate delivery, and better training and reputation.